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molo, based in Vancouver, Canada, is a collaborative design and production studio led by Stephanie Forsythe (B.EDS, M.ARCH) and Todd MacAllen (B.FA, B.EDS, M.ARCH)

The molo studio is dedicated to the research of materials and the exploration of space making. As a design and manufacturing company, molo creates and distributes its unique and innovative products to clients around the world.

molo products grow from Forsythe and MacAllen’s architectural explorations. Inspired by the idea that smaller tactile objects have a real potency in the physical experience of space, molo sets out to create objects that define intimate temporal spaces.

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000_black_textile_softwall_sequence 020_softblock_with_daylight_white_LED 030_white_10_softwall 040_white_textile_softblock 050_white_textile_softblock 060_tapered_kraft_paper_softwall 100_modified_textile_meeting_room 130_kraft_paper_benchwall 170_custom_colour_softwall 180_kraft_softseating_sequence