At MF Collections, our philosophy is simple.

We believe that beautiful furnishings should be able to be enjoyed by everyone who appreciates superb design and function.

That’s why we’re so proud to have been selected by a number of prestigious international brands as their agent for Australia and New Zealand.

As agents for these manufacturers, we can help you create sophisticated and contemporary solutions for your client or customer. We specialise in contract work both locally and internationally.

Our handpicked collections showcase the very best the world has to offer; innovative design, unrivalled workmanship and timeless elegance, as well as up-to-the-minute trends. We bring you pieces that will surprise and delight your clients, plus ranges that work together effortlessly to create integrated interiors and exteriors.

With more than seven years’ experience in furniture distribution and procurement, we provide exceptional service and seamless delivery. We work closely with you to turn your vision for your project into a reality.

Although our focus is primarily the Australian and New Zealand markets, we are also permitted to trade in other countries entrusted by the manufacturers.